There were many changes in our industry and in our organization in 2018.

To support these changes, Concordia International Corp. became ADVANZ PHARMA Corp. on November 29, 2018.

ADVANZ PHARMA will re-focus on delivering sustainable value across its portfolio of products in the global specialty off patent sector, and will aim to build on the Company's current capabilities and global footprint across more than 90 countries. Please view our historical disclosures (pre-November 29, 2018) here.

ADVANZ PHARMA is now focusing its attention, resources and efforts on achieving its two strategic guiding policies, namely:

  • Acquiring products, and companies, predominantly in our core and proximate markets, to deliver both short-term growth and longer-term value and
  • Aggressively expand our product portfolio through pipeline, partnerships and swaps, to deliver mid-term growth and longer-term value.

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